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Ortho-K Treatments in Palisades Park

ORTHO-K is short for Orthokeratology. Ortho-K is a non-surgical eye treatment that uses a unique kind of gas-permeable contact lens that gradually changes the cornea's curvature. Currently this treatment is primarily used to temporarily correct nearsightedness. The main benefit of Ortho-k is it eliminates the need for daily wear of eyeglasses or day time contact lenses. First the patient’s refractive error is measured which determines the degree of correction necessary. Then, a corneal topographer will map the front curvature of the eye. Dr. Luxenburg will then determine the parameters of Ortho-K lenses needed for treatment. These parameters include, diameter, curvatures, thickness and material just to name a few. Each lens is a custom designed depending on the patients eye anatomy and correction needed. The Ortho-K lenses will be worn while sleeping each night around 8 hours and removed in the morning. The result will be improved vision thru this gentle reshaping of the cornea.

Ortho-K is safe for all ages, however eyes must be healthy. Ortho-k lenses are sometimes called “corneal reshaping contact lenses.” This procedure is considered to be a perfectly safe and reversible non-surgical procedure that has no recovery or healing time. Ortho-k lenses are FDA approved, and have predictable results.