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Your Dedicated Leonia, NJ Eye Team

Cheryl Donohue - Office Manager

Cheryl has been with Palisades Optometrics since 1990. As the medical office manager, she oversees the day to day operations including insurance, billing and records. Cheryl specifically handles all aspects of your insurance including questions you may have. She is an expert in finding what eye care coverage you have and will counsel patients to make sure they get their maximum benefits. It may take her hours on the phone or online, but she is a fighter for patients' rights.

Nancy Spitaletta - Technician

Nancy has been with us for 5 years, and assists Dr. Luxenburg in the automated pretesting . Patients report that Nancy has a calming effect when they are a little nervous. She is proficient with the Auto refractor, retinal camera, Automated Visual fields, as well as our corneal topographer and other advanced diagnostic instruments.

Kathy Coughlin - Reception

Kathy has been with Palisades Optometrics for 13 years and is here to assist you with making appointments and with your insurance questions as well . Kathy will also take you contact lens orders and help you utilize your insurance as best as possible.

Sunny - Licensed Optician