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Diagnostic Tools

Optos Daytona   Daytona Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging

200° view of the retina in one image
Images can be taken without any technical guidance.
Captures images through 2mm pupils
Provides views of deeper structures of the retina (RPE to Choroid)
    Humphrey® Matrix Visual Field Analyzer

This equipment maps out the patient's visual field
There are various tests available - each testing different types of visual field function.
The various tests can help to root out disease of the macula (central visual field), glaucoma (peripheral visual field), and/or other retinal disease.
It is also helpful in documenting visual field loss in stroke patients.
CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: glaucoma diagnosis and management, diagnosis and management of various optic neuropathies, monitor patients on plaquenil therapy, document visual field loss in stroke patients
    Konan® Specular Microscope

This equipment takes pictures of the cells in the deepest layer of the cornea
- the endothelium.
This allows us to assess corneal health in contact lens patients.
The specular microscope can also be used to monitor certain corneal dystrophies.
It can be used to detect and monitor corneal edema.
Can be used by the ophthalmologist prior to cataract surgery to predict how the cornea will react to the trauma of surgery.
CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: Contact lens patients, corneal dystrophies, pachymetry (corneal thickness), corneal edema, cataract pre/post-op, LASIK, glaucoma
Optovue iVue     Optovue iVue The World OCT

Comprehensive Retina, Glaucoma and Cornea scans and reports
Retinal mapping - 5 um high resolution images
Glaucoma - RNFL analysis and mapping
Corneal imaging and pachymetry mapping
Reliable patient visit comparisons
Largest OCT normative database
Patient friendly for fast, efficient workflow
Easy to interpret reports
ATLAS 9000 CT System   ATLAS 9000 CT System

Intuitive, user-friendly system is ideal for primary care, contact lens fitting, pathology detection and corneal refractive surgery management
22-ring Placido Cone provides larger limbus-to-limbus field of view and has ideal spacing to avoid ring crossover
Patented Cone-of-FocusT means superior electronic alignment for greater repeatability and accuracy
Patented patient interface positions patient for wide peripheral coverage and automatically detects OD/OS
Nidek RKT 7700 Autorefractor   Nidek RKT 7700 Autorefractor

High-speed for accurate and reliable measurements
Softer Air, Safety First Patient Detection Sensor for patient comfort
3-D auto-tracking (x, y, z) and auto-focusing provides unparalleled accuracy
The world's first Refractor, Keratometer, and Non-Contact Tonometer